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Ten Reasons to List Your Old Forge Property in the Winter

If you are considering selling a property in the Old Forge area in the near future you may not want to wait until Spring or Summer.  Here are ten reasons this may be the perfect time to list your home, camp or lot.

  • According to Google, more real estate searches happen in January than in any other month of the year. In fact, house hunting searches increase, on average, 39% from December to January!
  • Most Sellers list in the late spring, if you list now, when inventory is low, you will have less competition.
  • We have a list of qualified Buyers that we met this past summer patiently waiting for the right property to come on the market!
  • Some properties show better in the quiet season without the distraction of loud neighbors or boat traffic.
  • Buyers that shop in the fall and winter tend to be more serious Buyers, they aren’t here on vacation – they are here to buy!
  • Looking for something new?  If you sell now you’ll have the opportunity to buy in the spring, when inventory is high, without having the sale of your current property as a contingency in your offer.
  • Some properties have better views once the leaves have dropped.
  • If you are planning on buying a replacement property and your property sells in the near future you may still be able to take advantage of the amazing interest rates being offered right now.
  • If your property is a summer home, showings this time of year won’t impact your lifestyle.
  • We have a lot of winter tourists that visit the area and fall in love!  One of these Buyer could very well be the right buyer for your property!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Appointment To View Properties

Here in the Adirondacks it is not unusual for a Realtor to receive an anxious phone call from a party interested in seeing a few properties at the last minute as they head out of town.  When this happens, I do my best to spring in to action but it’s disappointing.  Not because it is mildly inconvenient for me but because I know I am not able to provide the best customer service to these possible new clients.  I am sure many agents feel this way; you aren’t successful in this business if you don’t have a strong urge to please people.  This is a service industry after all.  Most of our clients aren’t from the area and usually they are in town rather briefly, however rarely on a whim.  Why not call a few days ahead of time and let me know what you are looking for?  Since I work in this business full-time, it is likely that after a few questions I will think of several properties that meet your qualifications.  Armed with your wish list and several days notice, I will make appointments, gather information, preview properties for you and take additional pictures if necessary.  Before we head out to look at properties we can touch-base and make sure all the properties in question meet your criteria.  You’re on vacation right?  Why waste your time looking at properties that you would not consider if you had the right information?

Selecting properties is only half the battle, scheduling can also be a challenge.  It is not unusual for a listed property to also be a rental.  Cell phone service in the Adirondacks is still rather spotty, contacting tenants can be a little challenging.  Accessibility in the winter provides yet another challenge and arrangements may need to be made to clear the driveway of snow.  Please keep in mind a vacant/winterized structure can be 10 degrees colder than the temperature outside; high snow boots, gloves and several layers or clothing are highly recommended.