Selling Adirondack Real Estate? Having a Lock-box is Key!

Every real estate market has different common practices.  When an agent in Old Forge, Forestport or Inlet shows another agency’s listing we usually pick up a key at the listing agent’s office.  I can’t say that I hate this; it’s nice to take a moment to say Hi and chat for a minute about the property.  It serves a purpose, but it is not the most efficient practice.  It is also a flawed practice.  What happens if a Buyer wants to see your property and the listing office is closed?  What if the key is out with another agent?  What if your property is 45 minutes away from the listing office?  I know when I am with Buyers we drive by nearly everything in their price range.  Sometimes a drive-by leads to a sale, when the key is available.  Having a lock-box is very important, even if the lock-box has a good old fashion combination lock.

If you have ever looked at homes in a larger market, your agent has probably used an electronic key pad or a key fob to pop open a lock-box on every home.  Electronic lock-boxes are a wonderful convenience and a great way to keep track of which agents have entered a property.  We don’t use electronic lock-boxes here.  I’m not sure exactly why, probably because they are very expensive.  Every agent in town would have to join the Board of Realtors (MLS) to gain access to the key system and not every office has joined.

If you are selling a property please make sure your agent is using some form of lock-box, preferably a combination lock-box.  If the lock-box requires a key, Buyer agents will need to be able to get that key with ease.  If not, all of the other problems still apply.  When hiring a listing agent make sure your agent is one that shares his or her cell phone number in marketing information.  This is not a 9-5 job and certainly not the best career for someone that is anti-cell phone.  Your agent needs to be willing to answer the phone outside of business hours just encase a showing needs to be scheduled.

Buyers that look at properties in the Southern Adirondack Real Estate market are rarely local and have a small window of time to visit properties.  An easy to show property will be shown more often which will increase the probability for a sale.  Having a lock-box is key, no pun intended!